Monday, 27 April 2009


Morning girlies, it is so utterly typical that the very day I make the resolution to update my blog at least twice a day to aid my focus my Internet crashes, and remains crashed until this morning!  It was not all doom and gloom, I was able to keep up to date with everyone elses entries via my blackberry, but I am still unable to post from it.  I really must figure that out and soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was a bit of a wash.  I had a friend's birthday party to attend on Saturday night, which was, as expected, a whole mish mash or drink and drama.  I tend not to go out in large groups.  In fact rarely to I go out with more than 3 others, we will often see people we know out, but to spend your whole evening with a large group of very drunk people (you probably do not remember, as it has been a while since I mentioned it, but I do not drink to excess, i just do not see the point of getting 'drunk') is challenging.  So of course several arguments ensued, some escalated into screaming girls, one nearly escalated to a physical fright between two guys, and my best friend L was completely smashed.  What joy.  SO I went home at about midnight.  I just did not want to have to cope with all the drama, and as they were not my friends, but friends of a friend, I was not required to talk my usual stance of 'peacemaker'.  So I deposited L with another one of her close friends and headed home to throw on my jammies.  Perfect.

So L is my best friend in the world.  I spend most of my free time with her (well when I am not with the Boy), and that is tough on the whole ana concept.  She is always eating, apart from when she is drinking.  Which is every night, or almost every night.  She is short (well compared to me, I am 5 foot 11, she is 5 foot 4) and has a Scarlett Johanssen kind of figure.  Really curvy, but not fat.  Not my preferred body type, but that is not my point.  I find it hard to restrict around her as she is definitely the dominant personality in our relationship and she does not like to eat or drink alone and rather good at coercing me to join her.  And as I have spent inordinate amounts of time with her over the last 4 weeks, i have been nibbles and vino central.  However, that is now under control as I told her I was going tee total for a couple of weeks and trying to stop late snacking.  So I think at least for a little while she will stop forcing food at me.  Fingers crossed.

Oh my god, this entire entry is so boring and pointless!  I am sure no one has read to this point.  Unless you have nothing to do at all!  So I will sign off.  I think the part of the problem is I have just woken up and am still a little squiffy  I am only managing to accommodate basic thoughts!

My update later will be much more amazing, I promise!

Much love,

ella xx


  1. it is very easy to post from your blackberry - i've done it a few know under SETTING and under EMAIL/MOBILE you can email your post to your email address. i think that's easier than setting up the mobile kind - cause the email can be as long as you want it to. hope you can figure it out!!
    and that's what your blog is for - to let it out - have a fab day

  2. psh. I always love reading your blog!! Keep updating and I will keep enjoying it :)

  3. I hate drunkenness -_- It's gross. I learned a new word because of you. Yay! teetotal. Exciting :)