Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Blood, sweat and no tears...

Evening girlies, and Happy St Patrick's Day to anyone who cares. The only reason I care is that I run a bar, and a fair amount of Irish people who come in, so it is likely to get rather busy later. Other than that I find the whole Paddy's day a little pointless. People seem to just use it as an excuse to go out, get trashed and behave like hooligans. Not my cup of tea I am afraid.

So, I apologise for my lack of update last night. The Boy has become increasingly selfish with laptop time, which I am not really able to have issue over as it is his laptop, and the only reason I have not got mine is that I refuse to pay an extortionate amount to have the lamp behind the screen replaced. So to update last night; I went to the gym after work as planned. It was not a crazy session in any way, I did 35 minutes on the exercise bike (-250 cals), and 45 minutes o n the elliptical (-550 cals) on an empty stomach. Consumption for the day was pleasing, I had 1/3 box frozen raspberries (40 cals ish), a bag of mixed leaf salad with home made balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing (14 cals for the salad and circa 50 cals for the dressing) and a cucumber (40 cals). I drank 3 litres of mineral water, and a fair bit of diet coke (circa 15 cals). So, as I say I am not hating that.

Today I got up an went to the gym, but only had time to do a tiny workout, 20 minutes on the bike (-140 cals) and 20 minutes on the cross trainer (-250 cals). It was one of those days where my body was not really behaving, especially my legs, they feltlike they were made of lead! Oh well, something is better than nothing. Consumption has been 2 litres of mineral water, diet coke (5 cals so far), 1/3 box frozen raspberries (40 cals), a cucumber (40 cals) and 2 slices of wholewheat bread - carb needed - (220 clas to be safe). It is half 6 in the evening so hopefully not much more.

Today has been a better day, and my bad mood has disappeared. Which is pleasant for all concerned. I have to work all night (insert sad face), and be up early but not super early (insert sadder face) to work tomorrow day time. On the plus side that gives me plenty of time to fit in another gym session tomorrow (insert happy face). I apologise for the inserts, but i hate using simleys! i will update later, and hopefully report that have not binged as there are so many snacks everywhere, including a heap of flapjacks which I love. Oh and I just bit a mouth ulcer whilst eating my cucumber, and it is bleeding an dreally hurts!

much love,

Ella xx

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  1. I'm glad you had such good days, Ella! Good luck resisting the flapjacks. I know how is easy it can to give in, but I know you can do it!

    I tend to agree about St. Patrick's Day. It's never been a big deal to me. Plus I have class til 11 tonight and since I've been fasting, I get out of class totally exhausted.

    Hehe, I hate using smileys too! I don't know why, but I really can't stand them. I never use them, but I do love the <3.

    <3 Eva