Thursday, 5 March 2009

Feeling okay...

Morning girlies, how is everyone doing? I hope you are all well. I have just trawled through as many entries as I could manage at this early hour, and commented where I could!

So I am pretty pleased with yesterday. I went to the gym after work, and I am pleased as I was pretty shattered from the long day/lack of sleep combination and could have easily strolled on by and spent the evening sprawled on the sofa as I used to. But instead I made up my mind and went to the gym where I did 20 minutes on the bike (-150 cals) and 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer (-520 cals). You have no idea what an achievement that is for me as I usually get bored after about 5 minutes. Not that this time was any different (exacerbated by the fact that i left my ipod and headphones at home!) this time, but I forced myself to stay on. So I am quite pleased. Yesterday I only consumed diet coke and mineral water, (10 cals), one slice thick wholemeal bread (I shall say 120 cals t be safe) and a box of frozen raspberries after the gym (96 cals). So a total of 226 cals for the day, factor in the gym, and the hour or so worth of walking I am pleased. Lets hope I can keep it up today, although I am not going to the gym but I will be on my feet the majority of the day.

I found out late last night that the other manager had an operation on her eye last night and needs at least a week of. This means I have to open all the days here (not Saturday and Sunday thank goodness) which means getting up at 6 am to be here just after 7 am. I am so not a morning person. In fact I almost nocturnal, so this is going to be a huge shock for my body clock. I wonder how it will cope. Oh well!

Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? Mine consist of work all day tomorrow and then the gym straight after and the evening at home. Saturday will be spent running errands, and I will try and squeeze a gym trip in. I am not sure if i am going to be rendez-vous-ing with L that evening so we shall see. It may be a good idea as I am more easily able to control my consumption when I am not alone in the house all evening (the Boy is working). Sunday will be gym and general preparation for a week of super early mornings! Am i exciting of what!?

Oh and I just wanted to say I think everyone should get a blackberry! When i was at the gym and was getting bored I just zoned out and caught up on your blogs. it is such strong motivation, you would not believe!

Okie dokie, well i will update later and let you know if I can continue behaving myself!

Much love,

ella xx


  1. Wow! Excellent job on the gym/food. You're inspiring.

  2. Yes you did awesome. Wish I had a blackberry!

  3. Wow staying on the machines at the gym without an iPod? I could never do that...I <3 my music WAY too much. :) Anyways congrats on doing so well! I do in fact have some fun plans for the weekend...I'm going lodge camping with my friends. This is good/bad, since I will have to face a lot of food, but at the same time it'll be good to get away and I LOVE cooking! Haha, ironic I know. Love to cook, just not eat. :P

    I wish I had a blackberry, I've got a half-dead LG enV...the old version. It was a good phone until the front screen and battery clasp broke... :'(

    Thanks for posting on my blog, it means so much! And I LOVE your blog! Following. :)


  4. I love that you could go through blogs from the gym, lol - I wish I had the money for a blackberry. :-D

  5. good job on the exercising! i wish i had ur dicipline!

  6. i definately could not do that long on an elliptical without my music. and i love my blackberry. i couldn't ever go back to a regular phone.