Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunshine and Mood Swings...

Hi girlies, how is everyone today? I really hope everyone is doing swell.

I woke up this morning to find pure and unadulterated Sunshine streaming into my room, and the first thing I did was smile. A real, genuine, hopeful smile. It felt good. I seem to get this automatic and unstoppable high from sunshine. Especially when it is warm sunshine. My walk to work this morning was lovely. I was due to start at 10 am, so the journey was warm, bright and quiet.

I arrived at the bar and one minute past ten I was in a bad mood. The other manager came back after ten days off overreacting about some eye issue she has, and proceeded to moan about the most unimportant and quite frankly pointless things she could conjure up. not so much as a hello passed her lips before the barrage of moaning was expelled forth. It is the same every morning. To anyone who has not heard me mention her before, she is the other manager of the bar I run, she is nearly 60 years old and weighs about 20 stone (No I am not being facetious, that is her actual weight). I know the reason it got beneath my skin so quickly and absolutely, she stole my sunshiny high. I wait, or rather merely exist, all throughout winter, waiting for the sun and the warmth, and the first real day of spring the moan marathon began (I am fully aware I am now moaning, but that cannot be helped).

I will not dwell nor bore you with any more information. I am about to finish and head straight to the gym on my way home. I feel a little pumped, and am positive some elliptical abuse and angry music (well the angriest I tend to get is Linkin Park but you know what I mean), is sure to rid me of my pent up aggression.

I will update later to let you all know how must first foray to the gym in a week goes. Oh and so far I have only had mineral water, diet coke (2 cans), ginger and kelp pills. So I am pleased. My resolve is amazingly steadfast and intact. Perhaps the bad mood has cemented this. My plan is to only have some frozen raspberries (96 cals tops) and if absolutely necessary a frozen smoothie (97 cals) this evening. So we will see!

Right must dash, gyming to be done.

Much love,

Ella xx


  1. You have such self control! I am amazed.

    And your coworker... she must go.

    Loving you!

  2. Hope you find more sunshine tomorrow!

  3. Glad the sunshine brightened your morning!

    Amazing job on your intake :)

  4. I despise people who grump around all the time...
    At the last restaurant I worked, I complained about a girl like that until she was fired... I mean she was a moron as well, but still...
    Her attitude was what pissed me off the most.
    Ha ha!
    Good luck with her, love!