Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Early morning calls...

Hi girlies, how is everyone doing? Better than me I hope. Do not fear, this post will be no where near as negative as the last. Thank goodness! I only have a tiny moan...

So I was working the late shift last night (the other manager only does days as she is alot older), and did not get home until close to 2 am. That is not a problem at all, I tend to sway more toward the nocturnal side of life. When I close the venue I have to actually use my brain a little, by cashing up, floating the safe, banking, doing the end of day budgets, all the usual bits and pieces. This means my mind is alert when I get home and I tend not to be able to go to sleep for a few hours after, I only got to sleep at about 5 am this morning. I was supposed to be in at midday, so just under 6 hours sleep is not so bad. It seems the other manager had different ideas. We had a licensing inspection from the local authorities this morning (we only found out an hour before they came), and rather than just handling it herself, she had a tizzie and decided she could not possibly cope unless I was there. so I got a half past 8 phone call to come in early. So out of bed I dragged myself to get here for just gone 9 am. I am a teensy bit lethargic at the moment.

On the plus side, I did make time to quickly pack my gym bag for a session after work (I am now finishing at about 7 pm instead 0f 8 pm lucky me). So i am off to do some cardio this evening on the way home, as i said yesterday. I still cannot believe I am actually quite looking forward to it! Although after yesterday's session, muscles I have not used in years are not very pleased with me! Oh well, no pain no gain.

So yesterday's calorie intake was pretty pleasing. have a box of frozen raspberries (I still lover them) - 96 cals, a frozen portion of smoothie - 96 cals, and some organic tomato soup - 250 cals. Obviously diet coke and mineral water, they go without saying. So the total intake was 442 cals. Then I was in the gym for about an hour, and walked about an hour too. So hopefully I burned off some. I also did my gym having eaten nothing, well other than my ginger and kelp pills. SO hopefully that made my body work that little bit harder.

Today I have had one slice of wholemeal bread (it was thick sliced so I will say about 120 cals to be safe) so I have a little energy for the elliptical trainer tonight!

Okay, I must dash, everything is going haywire at work! I hope everyone is doing well!

Much love,

Ella xx


  1. Hey amazing intake! you must have burned off everything and then some. Sorry you missed sleep though, ugh I hate that.

  2. Well done on the food! And gym! You're doing so well.

    I'm sorry you were woken prematurely. I HATE that. I hope you get some sleep soon!

  3. You do SO well with your intake!
    I need some discipline lately!

  4. :-D Good job - I hope you get lots of sleep in the next few days. Sleep makes skinny, too!