Friday, 6 March 2009

Out of Breath...

Evening girlies, how is everyone's Friday night?  As rock'n'roll as mine?  I am not sure it is possible...

I finished work at 5, walked 15 minutes home changed and grabbed my gym bag, and walked all the way back to use the gym.  As I said earlier, I should not moan as every little bit of exercise helps burns the cals, but it was a little irritating.  Oh well.  The gym was reasonable:

30 minutes on the bike - burned 215 cals
45 minutes on the elliptical - burned circa 520 cals

So total at the gym - burned 745 cals.

Add the hours walking today and I am pretty pleased.  I know the cals burned on the elliptical seem pretty low.  As I have mentioned I have a very low boredom threshold, especially at the gym.  Sometimes I find it frustrating that I feel like I am running but not actually moving forward, but I am veering of point.  Does anyone ever find that their body just refuses to cooperate?  I was on the trainer and to keep my interest levels and to split the time into more easily handled segments I do 5 minutes forward, 5 minutes backward.  Whilst going forward I was able to power on, but for some inexplicable reason my legs (specifically my quads) were really unwilling to go particularly fast backwards.  It was annoying.

Consumption today has been okay:

Breakfast was a box of pomegranate seeds - 55 cals
for lunch I had 2 very thick slices of wholemeal bread - to be safe I will say 250 cals
and of course diet coke and mineral water.

Tonight I am going to try and stick to the following:
diet coke and mineral water
lettuce with balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing that I will make
cucumber with philly extra light
if I am desperate maybe some organic tomato soup.

I will let you know how it goes, i am in the danger zone - home alone all night!

Oh and Dee - the Philadelphia Extra Light mini tubs are amazing!  They come in packs of four.  Each tub is 35g and has 38 cals.  I either eat them with a cucumber or just on their own.

Okie dokie ladies, now I have relaxed i need a shower!

Much love,

Ella xx


  1. I get very bored on the treadmill as well. Wish the one at home worked so I could watch TV. Sometimes I talk to someone next to me if they are friendly but that's not always possible. Mmm I want pom seeds! So yum.

  2. You are the person that I think of when planning mt food for the day... You always do so well!

  3. Great job at the gym! You are so inspiring.

  4. For the elliptical I had a trainer give so different exercises to vary it up and apparently they are really good fat burning exercises. I'm always dripping w/ sweat by the end.

    1. Do each segment for 2-2.5 mins - start w/ level 4 and do 200 strides/min then go up to level 6 and do 180 strides/min then back to level get the idea (you can adjust a bit for your own level). Don't know how your elliptical is set up there for strides and stuff - the one I'm using in China doesn't have that so I just go by speed

    2. Start at level 1 and every 2 mins go up a level while maintaining 180 strides/min the whole time...easy at first but it gets hard trust me.

  5. My elliptical regimen is somewhat similar, especially in its boring aspect. Angry music helps, haha.