Friday, 6 March 2009

Lie in...

Hi girlies, how is everyone doing? I hope splendidly!

I am going to dive right into the nitty gritty of it all. Consumption yesterday was as follows:

2 boxes of pomegranate seeds (delicious and a 'super food') - 110 cals
1 box of frozen raspberries - 96 cals
2 mini tubs of Philadelphia Extra Light - 76 cals
1 organic cucumber - 30 cals
Diet coke and sugar free gum - 10 cals

Total for Thursday - 322 cals.

I must own up and admit that there was no trip to the gym last night, but I did get up super early (after about 2 hours sleep) and spend most of the day on my feet and I did about an hours worth of walking around (to and from home and places) with a heavy bag. So at least i was not totally sedentary all day! Hopefully I burned some off.

Today has thus far been eerily similar to yesterday. Up super early after yet another 2 hours sleep (does anyone else find that when they know they have to get up crazy early, and that they absolutely cannot oversleep, that they cannot get to sleep at all? Or is that just me?). Walked to work, spent most of the day (up until now) on my feet, but not alot of walking yet. Oh and I just having breakfast (yes I know I have been up for 8 hours but it is my first food so it must be breakfast) now - another box of pomegranate seeds - 55 cals. I also brought an organic cucumber and 2 mini tubs of the Philly Extra Light as it is Friday and the chef is always trying to thrust tonnes of food in my direction, and after a while it can become very tempting. So I have my trusted snack which (if I ate the whole thing) would be 106 cals.

I am planning to head to the gym tonight, but did not have time to pack the gym bag before power walking to work (remember how I said I could absolutely not oversleep? Well i absolutely did by a half hour). So i need to go home after work (I am not complaining the round trip will add another 30 minutes of walking to my days activities) and pick up all my things and head back. I will update my gym bunny-ness later this evening.

I am super excited that I actually get to lie in tomorrow, and not get up at 6 am! I am not an early morning person by choice.

Oh and I just remembered, after the gym I need to walk the 25 minutes to the grocery store, but will probably have to get a cab home. Oh well, every little helps does it not.

So I do not know if anyone feels the way I do, but I find clothes are hugely thinspirational. I am slightly obsessed with fashion industry. In my eyes it is more that clothes, it is fabric art. Combine that with luxurious implications and gorgeously skinny models, what is not to love? So I throw my hands up and admit I am a bit of a fashion addict and over indulge in my fair share of shopping. I just look at all the beautiful garments and imagine how they will look when they hang the exact way I want them to on my frame. So that is what I spent a lot of my time doing last night, with a huge pile of magazines.

Okie dokie ladies, i have probably bored you enough for now and will catch up with you and all your blogs later.

Much love,

Ella xx


  1. One of my biggest inspirations is thinking about the new clothes I have to buy and being able to wear styles I've never been able to wear before aka skinny tapered jeans!

  2. i have to ask - mini tubs of philly? this could be my new fave!! i love that stuff!! do you just find it at the grocery store?? with a cuke - so yummy.
    about the clothing - i bought almost a whole new summer wardrobe already in 2 sizes smaller - so if i want to look good this summer and have clothes to wear, the weight must come off so it didn't waste so much money.