Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Morning girlies. So it is nearly three in the morning here and I am still at work. Did I mention I have been here since half one in the afternoon. If I had the energy I would insert some very witty and sarcastic comment about my love of the job. As it happens my energy seems to have turned in for the night a fair while ago.

I just wanted to give a quick update. So my total consumption for the day has been (mentioned below) 1/3 box frozen raspberries (40 cals), 1 cucumber (40 cals), diet coke (10 cals), 2 litres mineral water. In addition I have wolfed down another cucumber (40 cals) and 5 slices of organic wholemeal bread (I shall guess about 500 cals). I am ashamed, but I have been run off my feet all night long and my body seemed incapable to existing without carbs. Oh and I fully intend to have a helping of frozen smoothie when I get home (97 cals). so that makes my total for the day circa 730 cals. My speedy trip to the gym earlier today burnt off in the region of 390 cals, and i have done much walking and whizzing about the bar today so hopefully that helped. I am not devastated. I am planning for tomorrow to be a lot more like Monday, with very few cals consumed and a nice hefty session at the gym after work (mental note: pack gym bag as soon as I get home).

I really have to run as I have to be back in the darn office in, oh, 6 and a half hours. In that time I have to finish work, walk home, pack my gym bag, get to sleep, get ready and walk back. Thrilled does not quite cover my emotion right now. Sigh.

Much love,

Ella xx


  1. I was just curious why you count 10 calories for Diet Coke? Also just wanted to let you know a cup of cucumber is only 16 cal so maybe you have eaten less then you think there :)

  2. You did fantastic on your calories for having to suffer through a Patty's Day work shift on your feet all night! You definitely needed the energy today :)

    You're my inspiration for tomorrow!

  3. Your self control is AMAZING. Seriously, you're fantastic.

    And, of course, thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.

    Loving you.

  4. You did great!
    I'm sure you burned off a TON at work.
    Bartending on St. Patty's is no joke!