Wednesday, 11 February 2009

25 things...

Having read jenna's recent blog entry i decided to covert her "25 things" entry and list 25 random and uninteresting things about myself, so here goes absolutely nothing...

1.  I am tall for a girl at 5 foot 11, but wish i was taller.  what i would not give to be 6 foot.

2.  I can write backwards, in cursive and everything.  i figured if da vinci could do it why not me?
  My favourite book in the world is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin.  I collect various editions with covers i love, and i have about 18 as it stands.

4.  I almost never wear black shoes.  my favourite shoes which i wear almost everyday are a pair of gold leather French Sole ballet pumps.  i adore French Sole pumps.

5.  I lived in singapore from the age of 14 to 17, and they were undeniably the best and happiest years of my life thus far.  i would go back in a heartbeat.

6.  I have an overactive imagination, which is exasperated by books.  When i read i become temporarily obsessed with the book and can think of almost nothing else.  i have this childish tendency to immerse myself into characters.  it can last for months.

7.  I have debilitating stage fright, and once passed after doing a solo.  I fell forward off stage and my teacher had to run and catch me before i hit the floor 6 feet down.  at least it was when i was skinny.

8.  If i did not have this stage fright i would love to have been an actress to indulge my imagination.

9.  I read too quickly.

10.  I have long dark hair, but most of the time wish it was red.  I am too afraid to dye my hair.

11.  I live on diet coke.

12.  When i was a teenager i was a member of MENSA, apparently i am a genius.  go figure.

13.  I played netball for england.

14.  I have a phobia of splinters, sharks, and straight jackets (not because of the thought that i might be crazy, but what could happen when you wear one, you lose all control).

15.  I have never done drugs, and never would.  Same goes for smoking.
16.  My eyes change colour.  When i wake up in the morning they are a chartreusey green, and a couple of hours later they have turned brown.  i am going to get green contacts, just another thing about me that i wish was different.

17.  I have a very low pain threshold.

18.  I am half german and half british.  I also hold a canadian passport.

19.  I have a wonderful and loving family, and i realise i am very lucky.

20.  I adore music.  i could listen to it all day.  i do not like much in england.  i like alot of american bands that few people over here know, live dave matthews band.  i also love classical and jazz.

21.  My favourite musical of all time is Les Miserables.  I have seen it seven times and knew every word to every song by the time I was ten years old, before i had ever seen it.

22.  My favourite colours right now are purple, duck egg blue and matt gold.  Although this changes all the time.

23.  My favourite wines are Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Sancere.  I do not drink to excess, ever.  Again probably a control thing.

24.  The only thing i can 'cook' is sushi, and i am damn good at it.

25.  I play world of warcraft alot.  I sneeze almost silently.


  1. OH MY GOD I AM OBSESSED WITH LES MISERABLES TOO. It gives me life. Javert is HOT.

    Thanks for writing this post! I'm glad I got to learn a little more about you.

  2. Javert is one of my favourite characters. The guy who played him in the original cast (of which I have the album and that is how i got into it to start with) has the most amazing voice!