Thursday, 12 February 2009


Today was a work free day in the quest to recover from impending illness.  And all I have done today is clean.  My apartment was a terrible mess.  I went into a frenzy in the bathroom and in the kitchen, two rooms which are gratifying when cleaned as they get all, well, shiny.  Would you believe we have been in this apartment ten months and we have still not unpacked.  Our spare bedroom is still full of boxes.  It is such a waste.  Believe it or not it was supposed to be my version of a walk in wardrobe/dressing room type thing.  What every girl would want right?  And that still does not motivate me.  What is wrong with me?

Not that that has anything to do with anything.  Food wise thus far today has been uneventful.  i have had mineral water and diet coke.  I am planning to have some decaff green tea, water with lemon, and some fat free yoghurt later.  i think that is it, or at least i hope that is it.

i just wanted to say congratulations to jenna for her new weigh in.  it is amazing!  i am so happy for her.  Do you want to know my cardinal sin?  I do not own scales.  The most basic weight loss equipment.  I was always too afraid to own them.  I will have to buy some soon.  Very soon.  But it will be so discouraging before i even really begin.  so maybe i will step on the scales when i next go to my parentals place, and then do it again a week later.  hopefully it will show some kind of decent reduction, and will spur me on before getting my own.  How lame is that?  

i have no idea what i am going to do for the rest of the night now.  My laptop screen is apparently on strike, and the back light has died.  so generally i am having to use the boy's laptop for all of this.  he knows i have a blog but is very good with privacy, which is helpful, also i have good passwords!  Not that it has anything to do with it.  He needs the laptop tonight, to go raiding on world of warcraft, yes we are both closet geeks despite out cool exterior!?!  So I am going to try and hook my laptop up to a desk monitor, and if that is the case i am set.  if not i will be so bored.  And that is when i do most of my mindless nibbling.  I sometimes do not even realise i have wandered to the fridge.  you know it is bad when you have reached that point.

God, i am bored already!  I suppose i could do some magazine clippings, clothes and pictures that thinspire.   sigh...

sorry this has been the most pointless post.  but it has at least taken my mind off food for the last fifteen minutes as i was getting hungry.

i guess back to cleaning, that helps too.  back on later.

much love,

ella xx

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