Friday, 20 February 2009

Just a Quickie Update...

Today has been busy, lots of rushing about, which is good as it burns calories (even if my feet ache)! So it is about half two in the afternoon here and I have been at work since 7 am. I have thus far had 1 mandarin fat free yoghurt (54 cals), one packet of pomegranate seeds (55 cals) and a pack of plain prawns (150 cals) oh and diet coke and mineral water of course! I am planning to have something else in about a half hour - some tuna fillets in herbs which come to 164 cals. So for my day at work I will have had 423 cals (plus a couple from diet coke). I have my apartment to myself tonight as the Boy is working all night. So I think dinner will consist of a very simple salad (lettuce, cucumber and baby plum tomatoes) with a turkey steak thrown in, so about 180 cals including a bit of balsamic vinegar. then that gives me a spare couple of hundred to have some fruit and a yoghurt later in the evening and still stay below 800 for the day. What do you think?

So fingers crossed I will stick to the plan!

How is everyone else doing?

Much love,

ella xx


Tuna fillets were so bland that I thought there is no point in even eating them, so they work out at about 60 cals (safe estimate) as I threw the vast majority away. So until I go home, the total stands at about 325 cals.

ella xx

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  1. Good job! You eat so healthy.
    I love your blog, and thanks for the comment!
    Audrey Hepburn is amazing, agreed. :-)