Monday, 23 February 2009

A New Beginning...

Morning girlies. So it is a Monday, and everything feels like you can (almost) wipe the slate clean and begin anew. So that is exactly what I plan to do. Much of the good work I have put in last week was cancelled out over the weekend. So I am invoke the right of 'Monday' and putting it all behind me and moving forward with renewed resolve and increased determination. I weighed myself this morning which was an interesting form of self flagellation! I knew it was not going to be good. Not at all. And (sorry to take the tone here) there had been no BM at all over the weekend. I am definitely going to get some lax today.

So the weekend is over and I am back at work. I am not thrilled. Not at all, but it is easier to restrict while I am here. As I outlined in a previous post, I only ever binge when I am home. Maybe I should become homeless! Or not. I have the feeling today is going to drag. I have some many thanks to do, and so few I want to do. The other manager here is driving me insane today. She keeps screwing with my software or breaking something then having a paddy and interrupting me and demanding that I fix everything. How did she cope when I was not here? It is a miracle the building did not burn to the ground. Okay, maybe that is a tad dramatic. But maybe that is the mood I am in this morning.

Today I am going to try and stick to the water/diet coke fast. I cannot be sure of how I will do. That is not to say I am not determined to succeed, it is just I am not absolutely sure I will. I do have a back up plan. after this weekend's gross marathon, I have prepped my kitchen. I have bought the Boy food he likes that I hate, so I will not be interested in eating that. I have stocked the freezer with fresh frozen raspberries, and have made frozen portion of innocent smoothies which are Delicious, uber healthy and organic! I also have organic cucumber and organic baby plum tomatoes. for emergencies I have that organic plum tomato soup, and mini tubs of extra light Philadelphia which are only 38 cals each. So I am pretty set for the week. I always feel better with a plan and with structure. Drifting is not good for me, which is why I will generally screw up over the weekend or when left to do absolutely nothing for too long.

Other distractions for today are quitting my current gym and joining a new one tonight. Spring cleaning (even though it does not quite feel warm enough to be spring here yet), washing hair, manicure, and who knows what else. I also need to book a hair appointment to deal with my split ends which are beginning to rear their ugly heads now! I just feel the more distracted I am the less likely to falter I am. So the plan is to stay busy, as much as possible. Oh and definitely to start going to the gym. imagine how much more I could have lost last week if I had combined my restricting with actual exercise! The best part about exercise (other than the steam room at the end) is that I never really feel like eating afterwards!

I am rambling I know! I guess I am putting off the mountain of work that is glaring at me, and trying to avoid the other manager. She is by the by a very good example of reverse thinspiration. I would say she is about 5 foot 4 inches and is about a US size 26! She is gargantuan! She is surprised (unbelievably) that she now has diabetes! Shocker! god I sound so mean. She is lovely, but also excessively irritating at times! And the comment about her size is not meant to be mean, I am just stating the facts.

Okie dokie, must dash for a while. I will be on later to bore you all a little more!

much love,

Ella xx

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