Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The mornig after...

Morning ladies, so it is the morning after the dinner out in one of my favourite restaurants with the Boy.  I was wondering who I was going to cope, and would I end up binging.  Sure I had a plan, but sometimes we all no one second of weakness can fling them out of the window.  Anyways, let us address yesterday's consumption...

Before dinner I had mineral water (about a litre and a half), caffeine free diet coke, a 'Skinny Water' (one of the bio-synergy things - 8 cals) and that was that.  So it was going pretty well I think, at least for me!  (this time two weeks ago, I was still eating like a 'normal' person).

For dinner I had the organic salmon sashimi (raw fish) with soy sauce to dip it in, and a side salad of just various types of green leaf dressed only in balsamic vingear and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  oh and one glass of wine, and a lot of water.  I am actually pretty pleased, considering.  Oh and I even resisted the bread basket which contains sliced of warm, freshly baked wholemeal bread and I love bread.  Okay so I ate everything (it is hard to stop when it is one of your favourite things and tastes so so good) but calorific content was about 400 cals.  which I know sounds a lot, especially on the water fast day, but I am surprised, and you will not believe how many times I told myself no.  without a little self control it could have easily spiralled, and I would have been having 3 courses and bread and anything else they offered!  So yea.

In an effort to make up for it, I am on a liquid fast today and on thursday.  And to be honest I am trying to restrict that to mineral water, diet coke, skinny waters and the organic tomato soup which is yum and low cal.

Other news?  Um, I must have been shattered because I slept about 12 hours straight last night, from half twelve til half twelve, which throws the gym out of the equation.  I was actually planning to go - honestly.  But I just will not have enough time to get there, work out, get back, shower, wash my hair (I have to do that at home as I hate the showers there, and I do not like being in the locker rooms, they are very nice, but people feel far to liberated!), dry it get ready for work and get to work.  So I will go tomorrow morning.  I know it seems so lazy that I slept that long, but I run a bar, and my sleep pattern is non existent.  My body just gets what it needs when it can, so I leave it to do that.  

I have read all your updates about water fast monday, and I am so proud of you all!  Well done everyone, and slightly annoyed I was not able to be a part of it the whole way through.  With the help of a couple of girls (Jenna and Rayray) I have been able to reconcile that, realising it was not my fault, and I made the Boy happy which means a lot.

I have work tonight and cannot tell you how little I want to go, I mean do not want to!

Well I have a few things to get done before I get ready to go.  I will be posting an entry later for sure.

Stay strong, much love

ella xx

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