Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I thought about lying by omission here.  But then it occurred to me, what would be the point at all in having this blog?  As lets face it, I would only really be lying to myself.

So last night I finally walked in from work at about half past one.  In the morning.  i had not eaten all day on a plus note, and then I see the boyfriend on the sofa in the living with chinese take out.  i am you can guess that this is about to take a u turn for the worse.

Long and pathetic story short, I ended up eating 8 prawn crackers, 2 big spoonfuls of duck chow mein and small tin of tune steak in olive oil (at least that is reasonably healthy but eaxctly within the confines of a fast) and about 12 jelly tots.  Seriously he never helps!

So back to the drawing board today.  Back to lemon and water. 

However I have decided to make some amendments to my initial plan.  I eat absent mindedly all day andI am pretty sure I have no idea how much I actually eat.  But i am sure itis alot.  I think i will find it near on impossible to go from that to nada.  As much as i wish i could, i will just break.  So i have decided that I will keep in the fridge some muller lights (mandarin and vanilla, they are about 50 cals each and actually really filling, oh and no fat) and some healthy living lean turkey steaks to do on the george foreman.  Both are nutritionally good for you, and Iwill still be cutting out cards and sugars etc.  Just protein for if ireally need it.  Nothing else.

it suddenly seems somewhat more doable.

So, sorry about last night.  I was pathetic.  sigh....

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