Friday, 13 February 2009


just a quick question about apples.  i know from reading everyone's blogs that the apple is firm favourite.  is this because you like them, or they have some nutritional properties that are uber beneficial.

my problem is, and it has been this way since i was a young girl, apples make me hungry.  even if i eat one and was not hungry to start with, afterward i am guaranteed to be.

i just wondered how people view this very boring subject!

ella xx


  1. i like them!! try cutting them up and sprinkling with cinammon- the cinammon is a natural appetite suppresant and it seems like ur eating more cos its in pieces
    and i like them 4 the taste, some people say they have negative cals but i disagree

  2. Yes I have the same problem with apples! Although I do like them. Strangely it doesn't happen when I eat a baked apple, so maybe try that?

  3. what kind are you eating?

    i've read someplace that red delicious are genetically modified to have 50% more sugar then they would naturally... gah, i cant remember where i read that

    i ♥ gala apples. maybe try a different kind that isnt as sweet?