Monday, 16 February 2009

Random entry...

This is just a random entry to save my sanity! work is driving me up the metaphorical wall today. So far I have only had mineral water and caffeine free diet coke. So I am actually sticking to the water fast. I think, to a large extent, that is mainly down all of you. Knowing you are on the water fast for SBC too is comforting, and reminds me more acutely that I am not going through this alone. Coupled with that, is the fact that I really do not want to let you guys down, or myself down by being the only one who caves.

Oh and I will be consuming 8 cals today drinking a 'Skinny Water' bio synergy drink which encourages your body to break down your fat stores for energy. Hope people don't mind!

Thinking of you,

ella xx

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