Friday, 13 February 2009

i am not bored or anything...

honestly!  so so far today i have consumed one vanilla muller light (50 cals) and one mandarin muller light (50 cals).  Also 1 litre of mineral water, and a can of caffeine free diet coke.

I fully intend to have some more delicious turkey steak later.  and more water.  god my day sounds exciting.  the highlight thus far has been having a shower and washing my hair.  do not pity me, too much.

i really need to hydrate, i am always so dehydrated it is awful.  water does not do too much, and i am terrible at putting on moisturiser!  

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, bored.  i hope everyone's friday seems more eventful than mine.  not that it would be hard.

i am still worrying about tonight.  L loves to eat out, and not that she would question it if i decided not to eat, but it is the temptation that blows!  and alcohol on top of that.  although i could do with a glass of sauvignon, it has been a long week.  i have been sent home from work with stress related illness, although i think they over reacted.  i have tried to start restricting again (did anyone else find the first few weeks stressful).  it is my mothers birthday tomorrow and taht means lunch with them all which i had forgotten about until now.  god!  almighty!

my mood has just plummeted.

much love,

emily xx

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