Friday, 20 February 2009

Icy Raspberries...

Good evening girlies, how is everyone doing?  I hope good!

So, I walked all the way home from work, only to realise I had locked my keys in the apartment in the morning without realising, so I had to drag myself all the way to the Boy's place of work to get his set!  At least I burned of cals, especially as I was lugging a really heavy bag avec moi!

Well I am safe and sound and inside now.  I am really living the rock and roll lifestyle tonight ladies, I am in my pj's, on my sofa watching CSI, and plan to take a really hot bubble bath with candles and a girlie movie on (yea I have a tv in my bathroom, but never fear it is safe and waterproof and installed in the wall - I love it, so relaxing).  

So I have eaten two turkey steaks since I came home (circa 220 cals as although they are supposed to be only 100 each, they seemed a little bigger than normal), 45 cals worth of baby plum tomatoes and I am now snacking on the greatest discovery ever.  Fresh frozen raspberries!  They are amazing.  They are delicious, take ages to eat/suck and are only 27 cals per 100 grams.  even 'if' I eat the whole box, it will only be 94 cals!  i am filling my freezer with them!
So moreish!

much love,

ella xx

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