Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bikini Shots

Enough is enough. I can continue to whine about the weight that I have put on over the past several years, and lament to myself my old figure. Or I can actually do something about it. Not just think about doing something about it. Do you see?
So I have a plan. Kind of. Maybe.
I have a goal, a definite goal. but the plan still needs some tweaking.
I suppose in order to put any of this into context I should reveal some stats.
Name - ella jayne
Age - 24
Height - 5ft 11
HW - my CW
CW - too embarrassing
LW - 120lbs
GW 1 - 125lbs
GW 2 - 120lbs
UGW - 115lbs
First few days... I am on a fast. I will only allow mineral water and organic lemon. Either cold wtaer mixed with fresh squeezed juice, or jot water with slices.
I am going to try to do that until Friday. So three full days. Then onto the master cleanse for at least ten days. I am nervous about it as I really do not like maple syrup. I cannot eat spicy food as I am allergic to chilli and never became accustomed to it. So we shall have to see. I may have to make some personal changes to it. But I have heard such rave reviews I really must try.
I will be putting up some thinspiration to. I tend to lean more toward real girl thinspiration asd soemthign about seeing celebrities is not quite so inspiring as you feel they have everythign going their way for it. But I do lovecertain celebrities for their beauty and fashion as well as their figures. Of course like anyone I am obsessed with models. I like to flick through vogue and name them all. But real girls, girls like you and me show me I have no excuses and that putting it off is not helping. So to start some real girls in bikini's....

SO itsy bitsy huh...

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