Sunday, 15 February 2009

Not so bad...

So today has not been so bad, so far.  This is just going to be a quick update of consumption for the day, so i am afraid no boring and long winded account of my day and/or feelings!  You get to enjoy that tomorrow.

So far today:

Mineral water (memo to self:  get that Brita water filter)
Caffeine free diet coke
Organic plum tomato soup which was exactly 246 cals according to the carton.
Fat free Mandarin yoghurt at 54 cals.
2 and a half healthy living lean turkey steaks (they are moreish) at about 280 cals.

So far, a total of 580 cals.  I will update later if I eat more.

Inevitable Update:  another turkey steak and a fat free yoghurt.  Today's grand total is 650 cals, so not too bad all things considered!

Am about to go do my nails as it is very distracting and impossible to eat with wet polish!

stay strong on the water fast tomorrow ladies (yes I know I will be cheating by adding diet coke, but I am addicted to it).

Much love,

Ella xx


  1. I'm addicted too! If I have severe withdrawals tomorrow I might have some...

  2. Thanks for reminding me - I'm going to do my nails =)

  3. Haha lol

    Oh yes keep drinking the diet coke. I mean come on 500ml gives you loadsa energy and it only has 2.5 kcal! Get caffeine wired and burn more calories. =)

    I love your blog btw. You are an inspiration to me. Stay strong, stay skinny. xoxo