Monday, 16 February 2009

Back at work...

Morning girls. So after five days away from the office I am back with little to no vengence. I cannot quite explain how little I can be bothered to be here. And just to add to the miny moan, there is so much financial stuff for me to do that I will be in the office all day (the other manager is apparently incapable of adding or any other simple mathematical function). Wow, I am so lovely today. Okay, moving swiftly on...

How is everyone doing with SBC? Water fast today, or at least for me water fast and caffeine free diet coke. I have said it before, but I am really trying to reduce my caffeine consumption. Not only does it make me super dehydrated which makes my skin dehydrated, but I just do not think I even feel the effects of it anymore as I have so much, which defeats the purpose. So that explains that.

I am planning a liquid fast tomorrow to, to compound the good effects of today. Wednesday will be a food day. Thursday was going to be a liquid fast, but the Boy is determined that is the night he is taking me out for dinner. Which is very sweet. I chose the restaurant, a lovely swanky seafood place I am addicted too. And to be thoroughly prepared, I have already decided my meal - they do this amazing sashimi salmon there with soy sauce and wasabi, so uber healthy and minimal cals. So the plan is to liquid fast during the day, and the sashimi will be my only solid food (and the side salad, got to have the greens). Friday and the weekend are unknown a the moment. They will be food days, just minimal food days. Oh and have I mentioned I am trying to totally reduce carbs? It has been going okay!

I do not even want to address going to the gym, but I will. I hate going, but I know I should, it is just a painful reminder of how unfit I have let myself become, bearing in mind about 4 or 5 years ago I used to do about 30 hours of sports and training a week! Sigh. Also my gym, whilst being lovely and plush, is about 3 miles from my apartment, and I know I should take that opportunity to increase my work out, but ugh. Lazy! So I am thinking I will quit there and join the Fitness First gym about 4 minutes walk from my place. Less excusable that way, and more convenient! On the plus side I invested in soem light ankle weights to wear all day everyday to increase the number of cals I burn in everyday life, I am wearing them now, thank god you cannot see them under my trousers! Walking to work felt odd!

Back to the Boy. I think I have underestimated how perceptive he can be, or I have overestimated my ability to be subtle. Maybe a little of both. He definitely knows I am on some kind of 'health' kick. And he knows I have a past. The guy is not stupid. But I get the feeling he ha snot decided what I am doing yet. So he will do his sit back and see what happens routine. I really hate to lie to him, but it looks like I will have to get the sneaky cap out of the drawer. Sigh, it just doubles the effort, oh well. At least I can always say I ate at work because we serve food and he knows the chef is always trying to force feed me something. I just do not want to spend money on food I will only be pretending to eat. Such a waste!

Okie dokie, well I am work, and have been putting off any actual work by writing an email and a blog entry to bore you all with. Guess I had better start operation 'What the hell did she do to my financial system, filing system, payroll system, ordering system, budgeting system, any system in the 3 days I was not here?!'. Catchy name right?

Much love to everyone, and to all the SBC girls stay strong! We must keep each other going.

ella xx

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  1. Good luck on the fast! I'm rooting for you.