Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Day one of ?

So, so far today has been somewhat of a wash. One of my biggest challenges is that I run bars. Which means I flit between scheduels. I also eat late and snack late. Which really is not great for me. Or anyone who has to look at me. On top of which if I work late I tend not to go to bed until ridiculous o'clock in the morning and then sleep all day. Oh so healthy. I need nmore physical exersize, stat.

Today I have walked to work (15minutes - not exactly inspiring. At least i will be on my feet a fair bit). I will walk home too. Joy.
I have had 1.5litres mineral water with fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic lemons of course.
I will update when I have more to share...

Update: I have thus far been sticking to what I have said. The biggest problem is that as soon as I decide to really be serious and try and stick to it all I can suddenly tink about is food. Even if I was nto hungry before. It is ridiculous.

A very annoying thing about living in england (one of the many annoying things) is the lack of access to weightloss pills and apetite suppressants. Whereas in teh states for instance you can saunter into any rite aid and pick them straight off the shelf. No wonder I want to move to the us now.

I am listening to With or Without You by U2. I adore this song.

Update 2: So this is a rather lengthy initial entry. Day one of ? has been long. So I am just getting ready to go home from work, and it is nearly 1 am. Which is not too bad. Usually I would have been mibbling all night on mindless calories that I was nto even noticing and then whenI finally got home Iwould have some pasta or something else which is horrific before bed time. But I have the resole, I hope, not to tonight. instead I have some hot water and organic lined up so that my tummy is warm for whenI go to bed tonight, or this morning.

I was reading another blog before I updated this, and the author mentioned that restriction should not be seen as a negative. That life is too short to live in a body you despise, and that if will power alone could change it, why would you not? It is an excellent point. Restriction should be a positive, and route to my goals and happiness. At leats bodily happiness.

So, that is not really an update, almost an entire entry. I think blogging is helping keep my mind free. Or at least channeling food thoughts in a more useful direction.

So summary of today. All I have had is mineral water and organic lemon. Yes I am hungry but slightly pleased. Let me just hope I can keep this up.

slippers xx

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