Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Dum di dum dum...

So I am at work, and I could swear I am stuck in some rift of he space/time continuum. Time is passing impossibly slowly. So how is everyone's day going? Mine has been okay thus far. Consumption has been minimal. I have only had mineral water, diet coke, and a cup of the organic soup (130 cals I would say). so have stuck to the liquid fast. I made the Boy toast earlier today with extra light philly. I so could have eaten that. But I am proud that I was able to handle the food without caving. I bought the mini tubs (individual mini tubs) and checked, they are only 38 cals for the whole thing. Which seems okay to me. It is more the flavour than the feeling of being full I need. obviously not today, but I can add those in. 38 cals is fine right? At least is is mainly dairy protein and not carbs. I am waffling!

So the rest of the day is planned. I am going to have another cup of soup at about ten or eleven in the evening (in about 3 hours), and just stick with the diet coke and mineral water. I think that should make up for last night/the water fast. I really do not know why but I am finding it hard to drink water today, I am so bored of it. But I am trying to do the whole at least 2 litres a day thing. I never used to drink water, it just does not make me feel less thirsty. Again I think it is something to do with needing the sensation of taste and texture. Water has neither. Whereas diet coke tastes great and the carbonation gives texture, understand?

Oh, and you know when you are losing weight your clothes are supposed to find your clothes getting baggier and looser. Well in a typically undomesticated turn of events, I am losing weight but my clothes are shrinking, literally. Yes, I managed to shrink a load of tops I have. They still fit, but are tighter now. I am special I know. Just thought I would share my ineptitude!

The ankle weights have been on again today, and still feel odd, but I am enjoying the feeling that they are helping. God, I am boring in this post aren't I?

I will leave it for a while, and update later. I suppose I really should carry on with my paperwork. Sigh...

Love you all,

Ella xx


  1. The ankle weights sound interesting! Do you wear them under pants and are they noticeable to others?

  2. Definitely under trousers. i have been wearing jeans to work for the past couple of days, and they have a slight boot legg, coupled with being very long they hide teh ankle weights completely. No one has noticed.

  3. Ha ha about the clothing shrinkage