Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A quick recap...

Hi, me again.  I know i post a lot as the moment, but it is helping to keep me focused!  So to recap today's consumption before I finally head off to bed:

Mineral water (finally got my 2 litres, seriously, does anyone else find water boring?)
Diet coke
Sugar free gum
Organic tomato soup.  Two coffee bowls worth came to 264 cals.

And that was that.  Yes I stuck to my liquid fast today, I am pleased.  I am having a food day tomorrow and then back to the liquid fast on Thursday.  Hopefully that will help shift a few pounds before the weigh in!

Does anyone else use the tiny cutlery/crockery routine to help cut down how much they eat?  i cannot remember where I heard about it, probably some magazine exposing 'crazy celeb diets' or whatnot.  I use the smallest crockery I can to make small portions appear larger, like i have soup in a coffee bowl instead of an actual bowl.  I just see that the bowl is full and not the size of the bowl, so my brain is 'tricked'.  then i also used kiddie cutlery or teaspoons to make myself eat slower, so i am in more control.  I find it really helps.  The brain takes something like twenty minutes to register that you are 'full', and most overeating is done in that time.  So yea, just wondering!

Spent the day with my ankle weights on again, just took them off.  It is such a strange feeling, really! 

I was thinking about weighing myself, but that is such a daft idea, it would undoubtedly only depress me!

So, I am tired, and am going to head to bed.  I promise that when i post tomorrow, I will say something worth reading!

Oh, how is everyone on SBC doing?  I hope everyone is holding on, just think about the first weigh in and what you want those scales to say.  

Much love everyone,

Ella xx


  1. Well done today! And about the cutlery-- you might as well try it, right? Its not too risky.

    I like your new picture too!

  2. Thanks, I love orchids. Those are moth orchids. It is strange I like them as I cannot stand moths. I find them very sinister.

    As for the cutlery, I already do that. Only use teaspoons in public, but I have kiddie cutlery hidden at home that I use when I am on my own.