Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Hi girlies, I am so sorry about my unexplained absence for the last 24 hours. I have been keeping up to date with everyone's blogs, but had no time to comment or write my own entries!

So other than being extremely and unexpectedly busy, the most important news is this: (and I am going to speak in the third person to emphasise it's significance) Ella went to the gym! You read it correctly ladies, I finally got off my bottom and went to the gym. I feel pretty good about it. I went this morning just before midday, and did a half hour on the elliptical trainer and ten minutes on the bike. I know it is hardly an impressive workout but just going is a huge step for me. Also it was a spare of the moment decision and I could only spend that much time there as I had to get ready for work. I did go before I ate anything which is apparently the best time to go too. But on a positive note I have signed up for some personal training sessions as the fitness manager is going to call me soon to make an appointment. I did point out that I needed a strict personal trainer as I have a tendency to stop something as soon as I get bored, and am very good at making up excuses (as I guess we all have to be). Whoever is training e needs to be impervious to my crap! He said they had a guy who used to train the marines, and I said he sounded perfect! So the fitness and calorie burning at the gym scheme is moving forward. in fact i am even going tomorrow day time! Look at me!

Consumption has not been to terrible the last two days, I failed at the water/diet coke fast, but still only had fruit (frozen raspberries and Mandarin segments - I am obsessed) and a little extra light Philadelphia. So not as bad as it could have been. Today i have had some frozen raspberries (96 cals for a huge tub), and 2 slices of wholemeal bread with nothing on as I really needed something filling at that will last me until I get out of work at about 2 am (having been here since 2 in the afternoon) and I would say they are about 100 cals a slice. I burned 300 cals at the gym, and I will have spent about 45 minutes walking today by the time I get home. Gosh, that paragraph was a little all over the place!

Oh, and in response to Maggie's question about the frozen raspberries, they are delicious! I buy them from the grocery store, they come in 350g boxes, and the whole thing comes to 96 cals. I just eat them as they are. I take a box out of the freezer and leave it for about 5 or ten minutes to start thawing a little, and then dive in. They warm up a little and i just pull them apart and consume them. Why i prefer them to regular raspberries is that they take so much longer to eat, so I don't wolf them down and then go onto something else. The only down side is that the freeze my finger tips and turn them pink! But I can live with that! I have just bought frozen mandarin slices too and they are almost as scrummy but not quite!

It seems as though quiet a few people are feeling not so great, so I just want to send all my love out and hope everyone starts to feel better!

Much love,

Ella xx


  1. Way to go on the gym/personal trainer!

    I'm glad everything is going so well for you.

    (And sorry for being such a worry-wart!)

  2. omigosh, yesterday was MY first time at the gym! from the sounds of it, it seems u're enjoying it! so happy for u! i wish i could feel the same :/ i loathe exercise :/ its so hard to get into :[ i wish i had ur dicipline!

  3. I need some raspberries! They sound scrumptious!

  4. Wow, glad things are working out so nicely for you :-) I've tried frozen berries before, it was really weird. Maybe I'll try them again, though. Mine were probably freezer-burned or something. Good luck with being diligent about going to the gym :-) I should definitely do the same thing, I'm a fat bum

  5. Snaps for you! Working out is so good for you. Not a fan of frozen berries personally but my sister could eat two pounds haha maybe I'll have to try it again.

  6. good job on the gym! personal trainers are great, they force u to do things you didn't even know u could do!