Thursday, 26 February 2009


Hi di hi girlies, how is everyone? I hope wonderful is the answer (especially to those who were not feeling so great recently)!

So in disappointing news, I did not manage to get to the gym today, despite my best intentions. I have a reasonably good excuse! I got up this morning and went to a store to pick up some gym clothes, nothing too exciting just some baggy guy tee's (I hate to wear anything tight, especially around the supper fit and toned girls), some socks, you know the usual. So I had left myself plenty of time to buy my bits and pieces, get home and get ready for the gym, go to the gym for about an hour, and get home, get ready for work and be on time. My organisation was surprisingly efficient. I did not however, factor in being called into work early. Which is precisely what happened. I am thrilled. Never, fear, my gym bag will be packed and brought to work with me tomorrow morning so I can go in at about 8 pm tomorrow evening, on my way home. And as it is a Friday evening I am planning to stay there a couple of hours and even use the aromatherapy steam room (so long as no one else is there - and generally I find other people prefer saunas for some inexplicable reason). Oh and I am going to try the PowerPlate thingies that everyone is harping on about. Has anyone else ever tried one? If so what is the experience like? And any tips?

Despite not going to the gym, today will not have been devoid of exercise. I walked to the store about back home (about a half hour round trip), have walked to work and will walk back (about a 20 minute round trip) and will undoubtedly spend the vast majority of the night on my feet and running around like a headless chicken as we will be uber busy tonight, a rugby team is hosting a huge party, and for some inexplicable reason they are all dressing up as smurfs?! I love the smurfs as much as any other 20 something year old, but I cannot say i have a burning desire to paint myself blue and embody Smurfette! Each to their own I suppose.

Consumption has been fair, yesterday I had a box of frozen raspberries (96 cals), 2 frozen smoothie portions (194 cals), an organic cucumber with extra light Philadelphia cream cheese ( 58 cals) and a small tub of organic baby plum tomatoes (60 cals), oh those two slices of wholemeal bread with nothing on (190 cals). And copious amounts of diet coke and mineral water. So I reasonably okay with that. Today has been one portion of frozen smoothie (97 cals), on box of frozen raspberries (96 cals), some frozen mandarin segments (40 cals) - I am fully aware alot of what I eat seems to be frozen but it last longer - and I have brought an organic cucumber and some extra light Philadelphia cream cheese to work. Diet coke and mineral water should also help fill me up. fingers crossed we will get so busy that I spend the night rushing around burning calories and have no time to think about food!

Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? mine consist of Friday night gym session. Saturday day i promised I would swing by L's store and have a look at the new collection she is marketing, followed by another gym session as she is having dinner with her family and the Boy is working. Sunday is all up in the air at the moment. I cannot imagine anyone possibly having more exciting plans than those!

Oh and I just wanted to say Harlow has a really pretty picture of her on her blog for a limited period only (thank you for re posting - time difference can be annoying), and she looks fantastic! I think Jenna is fit to burst at the idea of seeing Hair for her 21st birthday soon! And that Kat is planing to create her very own ana website with classic and original material which I cannot wait for and am sure it will be awesome!

I hope everyone on SBC is holding on, weigh day is tomorrow again. Hopefully my binge at the weekend has been counteracted at least a little otherwise I will probably be closer to my starting weight again which would seriously suck!

much love,

Ella xx


  1. It sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead of you--- enjoy it! And good luck with the SBC. Isn't it so nerve-racking?

  2. thanks for the shout out :)

    it sounds like your in for an entertaining time tonight at work... with all the man-smurfs running around!!!!

  3. Every time I read your posts, I want some raspberries!
    SUCH a good idea!
    I hope you had fun woth the smurfs! LOL!
    ♥ Much love!!!