Saturday, 21 February 2009

Weigh Day...

Good morning girlies, especially my SBC co-challengers.  It is weigh day, anyone else hear ominous music in their heads?

So yesterday went from disappointing to more so after I signed off last night.  I had another two small turkey steaks (200 cals) and some more Philadelphia extra light and wholewheat thins ( 60 cals and 38 cals).  I need to have some kind of lock placed on my mouth that is set to reject anything that is not necessary so that I do not collapse!

However, in an attempt to look on the bright side (I am sure you are wondering how there could possibly be a bright side), I reached an Epiphany last night considering my little binges.  I suddenly know when and why I do them.  I am alone, always and with out fail (though I am sure that is the same for everyone else).  And I am always alone at home, I never go to MacDonald's and binge or something.  I do not binge when I am upset, or happy or angry.  My binges are not emotional.  My binges are triggered by boredom, pure and utter boredom!  This may not sound like a major breakthrough, but I have been convinced I am an emotional eater but could never pin point what it was.  So a plan has formed to help combat this.  I always am at home, alone and extremely bored at least 3 times per week.  So it will be these days that I use to go to the gym.  And yes I am quitting my plush gym and joining the one just down my road instead so I have no time constraints and no excuses.

Has anyone else noticed I am avoiding the subject of the weigh in?  Well I did a preliminary one, and will send my result to Rayray, but I have also just noticed (and sorry if this grosses anyone out) that I cannot recall any BM for a few days now.  So I am going to buy some herbal lax.  I know we all say we should not take them, but a few days is a while, and it is weigh day.  So I will take them (maybe tomorrow when I am not meant to be going to a movie later) and then re-weigh, see what kind of difference it makes.

Moving on, as for making up for yesterday, I am planning to only have a diet coke, mineral water and gum all day.  Then at the cinema I will get these fat free slush things that are nutritionally void, but at least have almost zero cals (and taste yummy) and maybe a little popcorn before cocktails and that is it.  I have not even thought about tomorrow yet.

Okay girlies, must dash, errands to run!

much love as always,

ella xx


  1. Have fun at the movies! And I think your plan is excellent.

  2. i dont think the herbal ones are too bad... and if you've had really processed foods lately you might just need it anyhow?

    i'm not happy about weigh day!

  3. I am a bored eater too!
    And I don't even realize it until it's consumed that that's what I'm doing.
    Good luck with all of this!

  4. u did super well with ur weigh in! :] so happy for u!