Friday, 13 February 2009

Ups and downs...

I have just come home, having been out for a few drinks with the best friend L.  on the plus side she had to work late and I did not end up meeting her until half past nine.  and was home be half past twelve, so three hours is not to horrific.  on the down side i was really tired.  i do not know why.  i can stay up until four in he morning when i am home, but as soon i step out by eleven i just want to go home.  i think it is partly because i am so bored of where i live.  oh well.

i went to meet her at this tiny bar that used to be the holding cells for the courthouse last century, it is actually pretty cute.  she works there occasionally in some evenings.  unfortunately i really do not like that manager there.  i do not tend to have really strong negative feelings towards others (i save all those for myself), but the vibe i get from her is just weird.  I do not like being around her.  L on the other hand is little miss social butterfly and is happy to get on with and go out with anyone and everyone.  so being there for the first hour and a half was tense for me.  we then were going to go to my favourite cocktail bar, but it had a private function going on, which sucked.  so we wandered to this swanky new bar that just opened, and is only a six minute walk from my house.  it was nice, but i spent my whole time yawning and i don't even know why!  
Then L saw a couple of people from her old place of work, and they came to sit with us.  I do not get involved in conversations very often, so sat there in virtual silence for about an hour.  oh and we also found out her sister is pregnant.  she has been sleeping with a couple of married/taken men and conceived with one.  She is thirty and keeping it, but it is so unexpected.  L is not thrilled!

So consumption wise i only have one (large) glass of sauvignon.  According to a some website i just checked that is about 190 cals.  Then i came home and almost had pasta with pesto, which is not great especially since i am trying to get off carbs.  i had the water boiling and the pasta right there, but i managed to turn it off and walk away to blog.  so thank you guys for that.  but i must admit i am hungry, and it is a food day, so i am going to cook another couple of turkey steaks.  protein and only 200 cals.  So that should bring my total for the day to circa 900.  i am not happy, i wanted to keep it under 800 cals.  So in a way i feel like a bit of a failure (there is that word again).

Anyways, I just wanted to say i am going to join up for Rayray's spring break challenge (even though I do not have spring break).  i am going to figure out my goals and let everyone know first thing tomorrow (which is going to be very early in the morning for you guys as I am about 6 hours ahead).

Valentines tomorrow.  the Boy also runs a bar in town and he has to work all day and all night, but i don't mind, i am not really into to the whole thing.  besides it is my mother's birthday so grew up celebrating that every year instead!  hope you all have lovely and possibly romantic days!

okie dokie,  stay strong ladies and have a wonderful valentines!

much love,

ella xx

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  1. Sounds good! Just send me your info tomorrow when you have the time. Ta ta for now. :)