Friday, 20 February 2009

Friday is Over...

Hi girls, Friday is drawing to a close and the weekend looms.  Today was a designated food day, I knew that, and even though I stuck to my allotted (well just under) cals, I don't know I feel kind of, gross.  It makes no sense, everything I ate was healthy, but still.  And the worst part is the food seems to have made me hungrier.

So breakfast - fat free mandarin yoghurt (54 cals) and a box of pomegranate seeds (55 cals)
Lunch - fresh prawns (150 cals) and tuna fillets with herbs (60 cals)
Dinner - two lean turkey steaks (220 cals), organic baby plum tomatoes (44 cals) and organic cucumber (12 cals)
Snacks - mini tub of Philadelphia Extra Light (38 cals) and two wholewheat thins (40 cals) and a box of organic frozen raspberries (94 cals)

Total - 767 cals.

But looking back at it I feel disgusting!  The list is long, but all the portions were small.  This sucks.  This is a classic example of how my ED is playing games with my mind.  how can I feel so guilty and depressed?  767 cals is good for a full food day on no sleep right?  Oh my god.  What do you guys think I need to know.  

Damn, I was so relaxed a few minutes ago and now I am completely stressed!

Much love,

ella xx


  1. Don't stress, my dear! Yes, to us 767 is an unpleasant number, but to the real world its a tiny intake!

  2. Jenna is right!
    And you always have tomorrow to lessen what you did today.
    Hang in there!