Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines, sigh...

Hi ladies, happy valentines.  I just don't get it personally.  Maybe it is because it is my mother's birthday, and so was raised to think of February 14th as such instead of a romantic day.  Either way it is so arbitrary!  Although the Boy and I always do cards (he writes poems, so cute) and I get flowers, which is nice.

Well he is working tonight, and I was getting ready for a relaxing night in after spending the daywith the Family, but L seemed to have other plans!  She is playing the Best Friend having a personal crisis card, again!  Second time in two days!  And is demanding that I not only alleviate her stress regarding her sister's pregnancy (L's sister has had a lot of issues, and tends to think she is an 18 year old still, even though she is nearly 31!).  Also she is depressed she is single (I have no idea why, being single is amazing!  The only reason I am with the Boy is that i love him just that little more than I love being single.  I am also a prude, by the way!  So not that side of being single!

Anyways, she is insisting i go out for dinner with her, but only to the japanese noodle bar close to me, then cocktails.  oh god.  At least japanese is relatively healthy but I was really planning to have just a fat free yoghurt (or two tonight) and sit on the sofa (the Boy is bar manager too, and is working all night).  So consumption wise, I had to go to lunch with my family which means scrutiny, so i had olives as a starter (yum) and a plain chicken salad with soy sauce.  So I worked it out and the salad was about 200 cals, and about 80 cals on olives (small portion).  So god knows what my daily total will be, which sucks!

Oh well, at least today is a food day otherwise i would be letting L down.  i guess i better go get dressed and sort myself out, to make myself presentable.  sigh.  being social is so overrated!

i will update when I get home, and sort out my SBC '09 post.

thank you for keeping me strong girls, i love you all.

ella xx

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  1. "Being social is overrated." Amen.

    And yes, I agree. Valentine's Day is SO arbitrary.