Friday, 20 February 2009


Hi girls. So if anyone has paid attention to my ramblings thus far, they may recall that I am a Bar manager, so often have to do uber late nights. Well last night I had the evening off (I finished at 9pm instead) as the other manager needed the day off. So that meant I had to come in at 7am. I had plenty of time off in between right? that is what I thought. We had a really busy night last night and it seemed all hell broke loose as the supervisor on duty was sending me messages until nearly 4am! So that is right I got all of 2 hours sleep! Coupled with the fact that I not a morning person, you can imagine how 'chirpy' I feel right now! Sigh... I will not bore you with anymore work details other than the one thing, through all the chaos, that made me laugh out loud this morning... A girl set her jeans on fire! Apparently it involved a discarded cigarette, turn ups on the girls jeans and many confused drunk people! Oh the imagery!

So, moving onto to something that just might be of more interest to you. Yesterday's consumption. so yesterday was supposed to be a liquid fast, partly because that is what I had planned, and partly to abate my freak ou ton Wednesday (which I am now fine about, because, even though I broke a rule - and I am sorry - the daily total was still minimal for a food day). Well the way things worked out I was up and at work by 9am, without breakfast (overslept), and was so rushed off my feet all damn day (with ankle weights on to burn extra cals) that all I consumed until 10pm was diet coke (gallons of it) and sugar free gum. So maybe 10 cals as the gum is about 2 cal per half pack and I had one pack. Well I had to walk all the way to the grocery store with the Boy after work (so add an hours walk to the daily total - all though not with ankle weights), and we did our weekly shop. He bought so much yummy stuff, but I stuck to my guns and avoided nearly all carbs (although I did buy these Danish uber low fat and low cal wholewheat ryvita type things which are only 20 cals a piece just in case I desperately need some) and bought only low fat, low call, protein and calcium rich food. So I am pretty pleased.

When I finally got home I was thoroughly exhausted and shaking like a leaf. I know that may sound dramatic, but I think it was a combination of purging the day before (as I said it really takes it out of me), being on my feet and running around all day, and having almost zero cals until 10pm. So at that point I had the organic, low cal tomato soup (280 cals), a fat free mandarin yoghurt (54 cals) and a packet of fresh pomegranate seeds (55 cals), and a load of mineral water to make up missing it all day. So in total the day came to 399 cals. Not too shabby for a really long and arduous day!

So yea, returning to the topic of work for a bit of a grumble (sorry girls) as previously mentioned I had to be here super early today for the open to get all the deliveries and whatnot. And how I was not granted peace to sleep until half 4! But truth be told I could not sleep anyways, I think it was a combination of my phone constantly going off (and I know you think I should have probably just turned it off, but part of my role as manager means I need to be contactable 24/7 in case of emergency - or at least while the bar is open), the knowledge I had to be up really early (as for some reason that usually stops me sleeping) and cramps in my calves. Fun with a capital F! So for that reason (tiredness and calf cramp) I am not wearing the ankle weights today. Just giving the legs a bit of a rest, although I will still spend most of the day on my feet rushing around.

I think I am beginning to remember why I never slept the first time my Ed was more prevalent. I find it hard to sleep on an empty stomach, I don't know, maybe my body feels less 'content' - a little like going into hibernation though not quite so drastic! And then the next day my body turns sleep deprivation into appetite! Oh lucky me right! Could I moan anymore? And it is only 9:45am!

Okie dokie, I have much to do, but will update as the day goes by, to let you all know how I am doing.

Oh, I am so glad to hear everyone is okay, I have just read all your blogs. I am sorry that some people are not feeling well, and still jealous that harlow is the DR! Weigh in tomorrow ladies, so good luck and fingers crossed we are all on the right track!

Talk to you later,

Much love,

Ella xx

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